Friday, 20 September 2013

It doesn’t take much to have a good day today, particularly if you…

Use feng shui! That’s because today is a very special day in the feng shui calendar and sees a global alignment between the annual, monthly and daily Chinese animal signs.

Solid gold easy action!

The huge metal influence formed by this Chinese zodiac group of Snake, Rooster and today's Ox is summed up in the title taken from an old T Rex track and should be a most memorable day for us all. 

Nature smiles?

The feng shui almanac or book of nature has its auspicious collar, which looks almost like a smile and suggests success will be found by pursuing the following activities; meditating or honouring ancestors, asking for blessings, visiting friends, taking a course, having a haircut, sweeping house, travelling, getting married, having an astrology reading, emigrating, opening a business and trading, refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations, fixing a roof, buying or setting direction for your bed or oven and hunting.

A personal touch?

In addition to the recommended activities, today's huge metal influence will definitely affect your own Chinese horoscope and to see how check out our attribute cycle. It should be an outstanding day and bring personal opportunities for wealth, relationships, creativity, inspiration and recognition, but if you feel at all pressurised, you might find the water element to be of use. See five elements for how. 

Autumnal equinox

At 04:44 Beijing time on Monday September 23rd, the Sun passes through the ecliptic plane providing equal day and night and from then on, the nights become longer and the days shorter. In GMT terms, this corresponds to 20:44 on Sunday 22nd.

Traditionally, this next 3 months is a time of gathering our energy and internal, rather than external growth. Consequently, we use this natural influence to give our students an added advantage in our professional feng shui consultant training course that starts tomorrow. To find out what other advantages they gain, why not join them?

We will return from Wednesday onwards and until then, enjoy easy action, its solid gold!
Finn & Slim Shooey

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Feng shui cures for a “Pig of a day!”

The ancient of art of feng shui is all about balancing energy and those born under the Pig Chinese animal sign get to experience how this can be used to fantastic effect.

Year break

Since February, Pig signs have had a challenging year as they clash with the annual Snake sign, which would have brought major change to some part of their life. Health could also have suffered affecting the head, groin or feet area and stress levels would certainly have risen.

Day break?

As today is a Fire Pig day, those signs can get a “break” and we now tell you how to cure this problem. Depending of the strength of their sign in their Chinese astrology horoscope, they can either incorporate the wood element into their lives until next February or use the earth element until the end of this month. Which one should they choose?

High on the Hog

This title refers to a strong Pig sign, probably born in winter between November and January, but could also have Rabbit and Sheep or Rat and Ox in their Chinese horoscopes. They would be best to adopt the wood element; easily achieved by sitting, sleeping or facing east, wearing green or light blue colours, adding sour tastes or astringent vegetables such as celery to their diet, walking in woodland areas and being kind to one another. If possible, they should be strategic and have plans in place to allow for any emergency.

… or Pig out?

Pig signs not in the above category are best incorporating the earth element into their lives, at least until October 8th, when they will need to change to another element. Sleeping, sitting or facing southwest or northeast are their best directions, but this does depend on their Ming gua. Otherwise, it is good to wear or be near cream, beige, brown, pale yellows or orange colours, sit at a rectangular desk, be near fields or open spaces and have a massage or tactile relationship. Oh, and adding sweet tastes to their diet will help balance their energy.

We all go through these clashes at certain times and feng shui with Chinese astrology can certainly help you avoid future problems. Having a professional astrology reading, or a feng shui consultation could ensure you don’t experience the same problems again.

For everybody else, the feng shui almanac suggests only quiet meditation and tidying up loose ends as todays only recommended activities. It advises against marriage, as well as hair styling because, after all, you cannot stick it back on can you?

If you have a Pig sign, let us know how you get on today and which element you chose to try. We will return soon, until then take care.
Finn & Slim Shooey

Thursday, 12 September 2013

How feng shui could turn stress into… Success!

As everything in our world is made of energy, or uses it, Feng Shui can tell us exactly how our environment affects our quality of life. It’s five element principles are applied to all materials, shapes, colour, relative position within a space, as well as the client who is the principal consideration. 

Going with the flow!

When energy is allowed to flow from one transformational stage to another, we live life in harmony and contentment. When these phases are interrupted, stress ensues.

Science will tell you that we absorb energy from our environment and this indeed determines our quality of life.  So do you want success or stress with that? Luckily, our website provides tons of free information to help you balance your space.

Alternatively, our professional feng shui consultation services can quickly and efficiently analyse your home or business and make simple recommendations to help you, your family or staff change stress into success. Of course we will also include natural cycles of energy, which leads us to…   

Warning; Ox signs possible headache ahead?

Tracking nature’s flow of energy through the feng shui calendar informs us of today's alignment between the Snake day sign and this month’s Rooster sign. You only need to have an Ox as one of your four animal signs, or be under its influence in a time cycle, to feel the full force of a metal trine. You can find out if you, or someone you know, has one with our free Chinese horoscope.

Now, depending on the equilibrium of your Chinese horoscope, today can be truly memorable and provide outstanding opportunities to improve wealth, relationships, power, authority or creativity and vibrancy. Conversely, if metal is unfavourable, your chart could be adversely affected and as this influence represents the head, this is where you may feel the stress and pressure build up.

As there are almost 13 million different types of Chinese astrology charts, it is impossible to give general advice. However our free attribute cycle will give you a good idea of what you can expect. We also include advice with our consultation services.

A way of balancing this headache today is with water; drink it, be near it or go for a swim if your day starts to get bent out of shape.

Go… with the flow!

Taking a positive attitude to this metal alignment, the Feng Shui almanac is “smiling” and once again, most activities are favourable. These include meditating or honouring ancestors, asking for blessings, visiting friends, taking a course, getting married, having an astrology reading, buying or making clothes, seeing a doctor or choosing a treatment, emigrating, opening a business and trading, refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations, fixing a roof, moving home or even hunting (bargain, we trust?).

And so to success!

In addition to our auspicious triple alignment, it is literally a “Success” day in the Jian Qu system tracked daily in the book of nature. A great day for planning events or changing lifestyles and is the main reason for our extended daily blog.

I am also reminded that its perfect to learn something new and this seems like an appropriate time to remind you that we are finalising our next professional feng shui consultants course starting next week on September 21st. If you would like to continually “change stress into success”, help all you come across and would like to enjoy an extremely satisfying profession, then enrol today!

We will see you soon.
Finn & Slim Shooey

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How feng shui can give you a better day today

Use feng shui to "go with the flow".

The feng shui calendar informs us of great compatibility between today’s Dragon and this month’s Rooster signs. According to the book of wisdom, most things are favourable and to make a good day even better, it recommends the following:

·         Asking for blessings, a good day for divination or to put your dreams into action.
·         Visiting friends or even making new ones.
·         Hair and beauty treatments are well aspected.
·         Cleanliness is next to etc… so sweeping house and tidying loose ends is especially good.
·         Travelling or even emigrating – new friends on the horizon?
·         Partnerships are also well favoured, so a good day for marriage.
·         Have an astrology reading and discover alternative horizons perhaps?
·         Opening a business and trading. Today's best prospects should be found north of where you are now.
·         Refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations or even fixing a roof  also works.
·         Buying a bed or setting its direction and a great day to improve your bedroom.
·         Funeral duties, meditating or honouring ancestors and a day of respect to friends past and present.

It is best not to have much to do with water today, especially installing it, sailing on it or fixing boats and nets.

Chinese astrology tells us it is a day of “Winnowing Basket”, which especially favours the arts. It also tells us that tomorrow is a good day. Check back then and feel free to tell your friends to join you.

See you then!
Finn & Slim Shooey

Thursday, 5 September 2013

7 successful things to do today!

Today's new moon also begins a new cycle in one of the oldest forms of Chinese astrology, known as the 28 Lunar Mansions. For millennia, it has provided great insight into how to make the best decisions and the best course of action on any specific day.

We translate this and other related influences from the book of nature or Tong Shu and then add our own feng shui and Chinese astrology recommendations. This can provide advice for your home, business and every aspect of your life.

Our feng shui blog days will advise you on the most successful things to do on the day ahead, as well as what to avoid. Here are today's 7 best recommendations as an example:

1.      In Chinese astrology, it is a Wood Dog day, which has great compatibility with the current month sign of Monkey and makes meeting friends and acquaintances very auspicious. Further, for those with a Rooster in their Chinese astrology charts, there is a special alignment that some might consider “pure gold”, perhaps making a memorable day.
2.      The Rooster hour could create this “pure gold” experience for us all and occurs between 5 – 7pm local time. Consequently shopping, especially for a wedding dress or fine clothes is also favoured.
3.      With this party atmosphere prevalent today, pampering and hair and beauty treatments also work. 
4.      The Yang Wood of Wood Dog also heralds another auspicious and independent cycle making it a great day for moving home.
5.      Business and transactions are also well favoured and new prospects may be found in the southeast.
6.      To extend this auspicious natural cycle, it’s a great day to plant seeds and grow something for the future. I like to think of this in a metaphorical sense, so I especially like to learn something or adopt a good habit on these days.
7.      It’s a great day for “hunting” or acquiring livestock. Of course, this can also be viewed metaphorically as hunting for bargains and the best of these could be found southeast of where you are, right now.
1.      With all of this good qi about, its not a good day to put things into storage.
2.      This is not really a no-no, more a gentle reminder not to miss our next blog, subscribe now!

Coincidentally and returning to where we came in, today's first Lunar Mansion is called the “Horn” and I would like you to see this as a “call to action”. So, tell your friends we have now returned from our summer recess and let us know if there is anything specific you would like included in future blogs.

See you soon!
Finn & Slim Shooey