Thursday, 21 April 2011

Fire horse – its manic day

In Chinese astrology, we have good and bad days and sadly today is one of the latter as it forms a clash with this month’s heavenly stem. In Chinese culture the Fire Horse is infamous as it so bright it consumes all and is said to leave a trail of destruction behind it. How is it for you?

Well the Tong Shu says today is only good for asking advice from ancestors, getting married, buying clothes or burial affairs.

Although Tiger, Horse and Dog signs should do well. Earth signs of Dragon, Goat, Dog and Ox are full of energy and have support when they need it. Water signs of Pig and Rat are lucky with wealth and wives or girlfriends. Metal women also have romance and power and all Monkey and Rooster signs share power and recognition.

We will be taking a break for the holidays and wherever you are we wish you joy and wellbeing.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Snakes with a plane?

No, that would be woodworking snakes, whereas today is clearly a Wood Snake, that’s a whole different story altogether. If Wood Snake is in your day horoscope and you can find out here Free Chinese horoscope you are the most creative of the five snakes in Chinese astrology. Along with this inspiration you have an uncanny knack of making money from new ideas and then building and maintaining a reputation as a maverick. Expression comes with ease and you are comfortable with your body and may be slightly self-indulgent. In love you are a devoted partner and can find further motivation by discussing ideas with them. They help you flourish when you follow their advice. Famous woodworkers, Wood Snakes include; Robert Downey Jr. Elizabeth Hurley, Martin Lawrence, Vinnie Jones, Dennis Lehane, Gong Li, Sam Mendes, Sarah Jessica Parker, Marti Pellow J. K. Rowling, Charlie Sheen and Ben Stiller to name but a few.

Chinese philosophy and feng shui closely follows the path of nature which is broken down into 24 seasons, each consisting of 15 days. The first period began on February 4th with “Spring begins” and today we welcome the 6th called “Grain Rain”. As this follows the cycle of nature maybe this ties in with what we call April showers in the west? Either way, before global warming this would mark the start of a wet period, this allowed crops to develop rapidly before entering the summer period from the 7th – 12th.

Today brings friendship to those with Snake in their horoscope. However, those with Horse may suffer setbacks and competition. Goat folk are full of energy and the metal people of Monkey and Roosters have power and opportunities for recognition. It is a good romance day for metal women. Rat horoscopes can collect money as can Pigs, and will benefit from the wood element of today. Wood signs of Tiger and Rabbit find inspiration today.

The Chinese almanac suggests that today is only good for pampering and suggest getting your hair done.
Until tomorrow – enjoy today!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Paper Dragon seeks Tiger to power up

Although it’s a Wood Dragon day as paper is made from wood, I decided to use poetic licence to spice the title up. A Dragon day in a Rabbit year only needs a Tiger for an extremely powerful wood combination that can affect major parts of your life and help you “power up” accordingly. Got a Tiger in your chart? Find out with a Free Chinese horoscope then discover how it will affect you personally with our attribute cycle.

If Wood Dragon is in your day pillar of your horoscope this brings you great wealth opportunities, which makes up for any money loss. You thrive in competitive situations, but perhaps have a tendency to be very hard on yourself, laughter is therefore important as it helps balance your personal qi. Maybe, you even have a punishing schedule? Emotions are also kept firmly at bay, though you can discuss your inner most problems with your partner. Famous Wood Dragon celebrities include Matt Dillon, Juliette Binoche , Russell Crowe , Lenny Kravitz , Sandra Bullock, Clive Owen, Joss Stone, Tom Clancy, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Seth Rogan, Leonardo Da Vinci, Jennifer Garner, Maria Sharapova and Kirsten Dunst.

Dragon signs will be very powerful and prominent today; even their colleagues of Monkey and Rat will enjoy wealth and creativity respectively. There are also elements of support, that is getting good advice, feeling energetic and also being lucky in love.

Conversely, Dog and Horse, signs may see change in some aspect of their life and the former needs to be careful of putting too much strain on their shoulder or chest. Females with Pig or Rat signs can be creative and expressive and lucky in love.

Today’s Wood Dragon day is not terribly auspicious and can only be used for cleaning up, redecoration or refurbishment.

Until tomorrow – enjoy now!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Black n white bunny checks your luck!

Today is a Water (black) Rabbit day in a Metal (white) Rabbit year. As they are both the same zodiac animal, if the year so far has been good today will be the icing on the cake. If not so good, well forewarned is forearmed, don’t worry it will be better tomorrow.

If this pillar is part of your horoscope it denotes a highly creative and honourable person with a good standard of living and enhanced quality of life. Rabbits are generally kind and gentle, intelligent, agile, kind hearted and full of forgiveness. Celebrities include Johnny Depp, Michael Jordan, Seal, Quentin Tarantino, George Michael, Brad Pitt, Bow Wow, and Sir Elton John.

Rabbit signs will be hopping with enthusiasm today and their friends of Pig and Sheep also do well today. The former may travel or have quite a relaxing day, whilst the latter has good wealth opportunities, Sheep females are also lucky in love. Change occurs in the opposing group; and affects to a lesser extent the Snake and Ox who may have support issues and disputed authority problems respectively. However, the Rooster may see the biggest change which can affect either their wealth or if male; their relationships. Normally this clash just lasts for a day; but as this is a Rabbit year the changes may last until next February 4th.

The Chinese almanac lists suitable activities as having a barbecue or making a fire, buying or setting direction for your bed to get a better night’s sleep. Fill cracks and refurbish premises, buy clothes or order a tombstone.

Until tomorrow – enjoy today.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Monkey puzzle – key to extreme day!

Why does the title refer to monkey on a Metal Rat day? Well if you have a Monkey in your horoscope, for your year, like 1956, 68, 80, 92 or 04, month, - born between Aug 8 and Sept 7th or day or birth hour – see free Chinese horoscope you have already entered an extreme day! Why? Well todays Metal Rat forms a bond with the monthly sign of Dragon to make a strong water element combination for us all and this can affect communication, wisdom, philosophy or romance. However, with a Monkey this effect triples in magnitude, it can also affect all parts of your life, including health, wealth, romance, support, recognition and expression.

In extreme cases, it can cause depression and this can be cured with the wood element. If this affects you pleased see our attribute cycle.

If Metal Rat is in your horoscope you are the creative and honourable rat, emotional, wise, competent and full of self-expression. Rats are generally collectors, so you love hoarding and find it very difficult to throw anything away. Famous Metal Rats include Kenneth Branagh, Dido, Daryl Hannah, Amy Lee, Ricky Martin, Sienna Miller, Britney Spears and Kiefer Sutherland.

Metal Rat allows the Pig sign to progress in their plans and they should see some results today. Rat, Pig, Rabbit and Tiger signs should be full of energy and ideas and it is also a good consultation day for them. Horse and Snake are prominent and in control, and women are romantic. Male earth signs also enjoy romance and can be lucky financially. Monkey signs can be depressed and would benefit from the wood element, see our above attribute cycle for how. Roosters may be exhausted and can do with some help or advice.

Today is a “Success” day and the Chinese almanac recommends meditation, asking for blessings, taking a course, visiting friends, have a haircut, travelling, getting engaged, exchanging gifts, having a professional astrology reading, see a doctor, open a business and trade, refurbish home or office, move earth, fix a roof, buying or setting direction for your bed, go hunting, or set up a tombstone.

Enjoy what looks like a good weekend, see you Monday.