Friday, 29 October 2010

Independence day?

As each Chinese zodiac animal has its own element the combinations have particular meanings and today signifies strength and independence due to both parts having the same element of water. Today naturally favours the Rat and they can find assistance and willing aides. The Pig, also a water sign can see their plans come to fruition. Whist the remaining members of the Rat group namely Monkey and Dragon; can find creativity and wealth respectively. Similarly Rooster signs can be quite creative and should be less tense today, with Tiger and Rabbit feeling positively buoyant .

The Horse sign may struggle and could have a better day with the wood element, Earth signs of Dragon, Sheep, Dog and Ox have money making opportunities and males of these signs may enjoy romantic opportunities too. Female fire signs of Snake and Horse may also be lucky in love.

Today is also an auspicious day as stated in the Tong Shu and is good for; learning; meditating, going out and visiting friends, pampering including having a haircut, buying clothes, opening a business and trading, storing items, buying mourning clothes and burial.

We will be back on Monday after refurbishing and tidying up, maybe moving a stove on Saturday, and seeing friends on Sunday as these seem to be the most suitable activities over the weekend.

Until Monday, enjoy!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Miss Piggy day

Probably the biggest trial of poetic licence comes when we try to explain the transition from the title of this piece to today’s Metal Pig sign. As the Pig part is self explanatory we just need to state that the Yin Metal or Xin is found in the western part ofthe Chinese compass which represents the youngest daughter, hence Miss! Beginning in such an educational way should tell you that today is an auspicious day, good for most things including learning; meditating, asking for blessings, going out and visiting friends, having a haircut, buying clothes, cleaning, decorating adding pillars and doors, or stove, putting up roof beams, and refurbishing your home for better quality of life. Dedicate a Buddhist statue and conversely hunting are all well favoured today.

A Pig day brings prosperous opportunities to the earth signs of Dragon, Sheep, Dog and Ox. Wood signs of Rabbit and Tiger will feel energised and can get good advice. Whilst fire signs of Snake and Horse should feel empowered and may gain recognition. However, should they feel pressurised releif is found from contemplation, or wearing wood colours of green or light blue.

Conversely, metal signs of Monkey and Rooster should have quite a relaxing and creative day.

Until tomorrow – enjoy today!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Metal Dog day

This Yang Metal Dog day brings helpful friends to the Sheep, Dog, and Ox, signs, although the Dragon may struggle and needs to be careful of damaging their chest or shoulder.

Metal signs of Monkey and Rooster are full of energy and can receive some good advice, whilst Pig and Rat signs can feel powerful and ambitious, their women are also lucky in love. Whilst male Tiger and Rabbit signs can similarly enjoy romance and they all are lucky with money. Snake and Horse signs can generally relax and enjoy travel or creativity.

The Chinese almanac list suitable activities today as going out, perhaps to visit friends? Else buying clothes, attending to livestock or even taking the dog for a walk, emigrating or even building a house.

Until, tomorrow enjoy today

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Earth Rooster day

Today is the start of a four day period of beneficial luck. That said, the Rooster clashes with the Rabbit and may affect extremities such as finger and toes or hips. They can benefit by the water element so wearing black and dark blue will help balance this conflict.

Tiger, Pig and Rat have power and may be quite ambitious. Their females may also have romance luck. Snake and Horse signs can be lucky with investments and should get a good return for their efforts. Earth signs of Dragon, Sheep, Dog and Ox continue to be creative, whilst Monkey and Rooster prosper and can be the centre of attention.

Chinese almanac lists suitable activities as bathing and pampering including having a haircut, manicure and pedicure. Sweeping house, refurbishing kitchen and set up stove or toilet and bathroom, move earth, fill cracks, emigrate and also being a “closed day” burial is apt.

Until tomorrow – enjoy today.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Earth Monkey day

Today’s earth monkey appears every 60 days and the last time it arrived was that fateful day when England crashed out of the Football World Cup. Due to a major clash with the annual animal sign of Tiger this should, tell you that it is not exactly a good day. The Chinese almanac suggests only quite reflection or meditation as a suitable activity.

This clash has affected those with a Monkey in their horoscope since February 4th and brought about doubt, fear and changes. As the earth element found in both the day and month supports the Monkey’s metal element they should feel more able until the end of the month. Roosters also see change but this is more in terms of setbacks than doubts and fears.

Tiger and Rabbits have financial opportunities as well as romance and Snake and Hose signs can benefit from investments or by putting new ideas into action. Earth signs of Dragon, Sheep, Dog and Ox may have travel opportunities or be quite creative, whilst Rat and Pig have power and can receive good advice.

Until tomorrow – enjoy today.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Wood Snake day

Tonight’s full moon means it will be good to go out and party, get engaged / married, collect debts, buy clothes or a new bed, even go hunting. Whilst Today brings friendship to those with Snake in their horoscope. Although, Horse signs may suffer setbacks or competition.

Goat, Dragon, Dog and Ox folk are full of energy and the metal signs of Monkey and Roosters have power and opportunities for recognition.

It is a good romance day for metal women.

Rat and Pig horoscopes can collect money although the latter is clashed and will benefit from the wood element of today.

Wood signs of Tiger and Rabbit should be quite creative today.

Until tomorrow – enjoy today!