Thursday, 5 September 2013

7 successful things to do today!

Today's new moon also begins a new cycle in one of the oldest forms of Chinese astrology, known as the 28 Lunar Mansions. For millennia, it has provided great insight into how to make the best decisions and the best course of action on any specific day.

We translate this and other related influences from the book of nature or Tong Shu and then add our own feng shui and Chinese astrology recommendations. This can provide advice for your home, business and every aspect of your life.

Our feng shui blog days will advise you on the most successful things to do on the day ahead, as well as what to avoid. Here are today's 7 best recommendations as an example:

1.      In Chinese astrology, it is a Wood Dog day, which has great compatibility with the current month sign of Monkey and makes meeting friends and acquaintances very auspicious. Further, for those with a Rooster in their Chinese astrology charts, there is a special alignment that some might consider “pure gold”, perhaps making a memorable day.
2.      The Rooster hour could create this “pure gold” experience for us all and occurs between 5 – 7pm local time. Consequently shopping, especially for a wedding dress or fine clothes is also favoured.
3.      With this party atmosphere prevalent today, pampering and hair and beauty treatments also work. 
4.      The Yang Wood of Wood Dog also heralds another auspicious and independent cycle making it a great day for moving home.
5.      Business and transactions are also well favoured and new prospects may be found in the southeast.
6.      To extend this auspicious natural cycle, it’s a great day to plant seeds and grow something for the future. I like to think of this in a metaphorical sense, so I especially like to learn something or adopt a good habit on these days.
7.      It’s a great day for “hunting” or acquiring livestock. Of course, this can also be viewed metaphorically as hunting for bargains and the best of these could be found southeast of where you are, right now.
1.      With all of this good qi about, its not a good day to put things into storage.
2.      This is not really a no-no, more a gentle reminder not to miss our next blog, subscribe now!

Coincidentally and returning to where we came in, today's first Lunar Mansion is called the “Horn” and I would like you to see this as a “call to action”. So, tell your friends we have now returned from our summer recess and let us know if there is anything specific you would like included in future blogs.

See you soon!
Finn & Slim Shooey

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