Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Feng shui cures for a “Pig of a day!”

The ancient of art of feng shui is all about balancing energy and those born under the Pig Chinese animal sign get to experience how this can be used to fantastic effect.

Year break

Since February, Pig signs have had a challenging year as they clash with the annual Snake sign, which would have brought major change to some part of their life. Health could also have suffered affecting the head, groin or feet area and stress levels would certainly have risen.

Day break?

As today is a Fire Pig day, those signs can get a “break” and we now tell you how to cure this problem. Depending of the strength of their sign in their Chinese astrology horoscope, they can either incorporate the wood element into their lives until next February or use the earth element until the end of this month. Which one should they choose?

High on the Hog

This title refers to a strong Pig sign, probably born in winter between November and January, but could also have Rabbit and Sheep or Rat and Ox in their Chinese horoscopes. They would be best to adopt the wood element; easily achieved by sitting, sleeping or facing east, wearing green or light blue colours, adding sour tastes or astringent vegetables such as celery to their diet, walking in woodland areas and being kind to one another. If possible, they should be strategic and have plans in place to allow for any emergency.

… or Pig out?

Pig signs not in the above category are best incorporating the earth element into their lives, at least until October 8th, when they will need to change to another element. Sleeping, sitting or facing southwest or northeast are their best directions, but this does depend on their Ming gua. Otherwise, it is good to wear or be near cream, beige, brown, pale yellows or orange colours, sit at a rectangular desk, be near fields or open spaces and have a massage or tactile relationship. Oh, and adding sweet tastes to their diet will help balance their energy.

We all go through these clashes at certain times and feng shui with Chinese astrology can certainly help you avoid future problems. Having a professional astrology reading, or a feng shui consultation could ensure you don’t experience the same problems again.

For everybody else, the feng shui almanac suggests only quiet meditation and tidying up loose ends as todays only recommended activities. It advises against marriage, as well as hair styling because, after all, you cannot stick it back on can you?

If you have a Pig sign, let us know how you get on today and which element you chose to try. We will return soon, until then take care.
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