Friday, 20 September 2013

It doesn’t take much to have a good day today, particularly if you…

Use feng shui! That’s because today is a very special day in the feng shui calendar and sees a global alignment between the annual, monthly and daily Chinese animal signs.

Solid gold easy action!

The huge metal influence formed by this Chinese zodiac group of Snake, Rooster and today's Ox is summed up in the title taken from an old T Rex track and should be a most memorable day for us all. 

Nature smiles?

The feng shui almanac or book of nature has its auspicious collar, which looks almost like a smile and suggests success will be found by pursuing the following activities; meditating or honouring ancestors, asking for blessings, visiting friends, taking a course, having a haircut, sweeping house, travelling, getting married, having an astrology reading, emigrating, opening a business and trading, refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations, fixing a roof, buying or setting direction for your bed or oven and hunting.

A personal touch?

In addition to the recommended activities, today's huge metal influence will definitely affect your own Chinese horoscope and to see how check out our attribute cycle. It should be an outstanding day and bring personal opportunities for wealth, relationships, creativity, inspiration and recognition, but if you feel at all pressurised, you might find the water element to be of use. See five elements for how. 

Autumnal equinox

At 04:44 Beijing time on Monday September 23rd, the Sun passes through the ecliptic plane providing equal day and night and from then on, the nights become longer and the days shorter. In GMT terms, this corresponds to 20:44 on Sunday 22nd.

Traditionally, this next 3 months is a time of gathering our energy and internal, rather than external growth. Consequently, we use this natural influence to give our students an added advantage in our professional feng shui consultant training course that starts tomorrow. To find out what other advantages they gain, why not join them?

We will return from Wednesday onwards and until then, enjoy easy action, its solid gold!
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