Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How feng shui can give you a better day today

Use feng shui to "go with the flow".

The feng shui calendar informs us of great compatibility between today’s Dragon and this month’s Rooster signs. According to the book of wisdom, most things are favourable and to make a good day even better, it recommends the following:

·         Asking for blessings, a good day for divination or to put your dreams into action.
·         Visiting friends or even making new ones.
·         Hair and beauty treatments are well aspected.
·         Cleanliness is next to etc… so sweeping house and tidying loose ends is especially good.
·         Travelling or even emigrating – new friends on the horizon?
·         Partnerships are also well favoured, so a good day for marriage.
·         Have an astrology reading and discover alternative horizons perhaps?
·         Opening a business and trading. Today's best prospects should be found north of where you are now.
·         Refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations or even fixing a roof  also works.
·         Buying a bed or setting its direction and a great day to improve your bedroom.
·         Funeral duties, meditating or honouring ancestors and a day of respect to friends past and present.

It is best not to have much to do with water today, especially installing it, sailing on it or fixing boats and nets.

Chinese astrology tells us it is a day of “Winnowing Basket”, which especially favours the arts. It also tells us that tomorrow is a good day. Check back then and feel free to tell your friends to join you.

See you then!
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