Thursday, 28 March 2013

Good years day?

Random acts of kindness could mean a great year ahead.

As today has the exact same energy as the year, it provides a snapshot of the Water Snake year ahead. Further, today's hour signs exactly match the months so if overall you have a tough day, but your fortune changes in a particular hour, perhaps you have a month to look forward to?

Let’s put this methodology to the test as we use the relationship between the day and the hour to see how society may fare this year.  The hours are based on local time, so use the clock in your home to see the trend of each hour/month below. As we mostly sleep during the night we will liken our rest period to a bear’s hibernation and start our year in April, which corresponds to average waking time of 7am – 9am.

  •  April; in society terms there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel and people should start to awake from the doom and gloom, or possible nightmares that they may have found themselves in. It’s generally good for wealth, recognition and working together with a team spirit.
  • May; (9-11am), as this is also a Snake month here are today's recommendations, which should also be good activities for the year. They include meditating or honouring ancestors, asking for blessings, visiting friends, buying or making clothes, opening a business and trading, buying or setting direction for your bed and cooking.  
  •  June; (11-1pm) in terms of society should be good for setting laws and regulations, and investments in land and property.
  • July; (1-3pm) great month for Horse signs. For all others, expect lots of travel and leisure deals. It’s especially good for personal development or taking a course.
  • August; (3-5pm) many of last month’s trends continue to develop and this is an especially good time to seek advice. There is a possibility of further global bailouts.
  • September; (5-7pm) governments continue to dominate the news and it may be an unusually cold month. Elsewise, it’s good for team work and forming partnerships.
  • October; (7-9pm) is a bit of struggle but you will be able to find out who your friends really are and teamwork pays dividends.
  •  November; (9-11pm) will probably be the most interesting period as it will see the end of an old regime or methodology and a completely new understanding or beginning.
  • December; 11-12am as just stated, a new start for society begins.

It should be noted that these trends are very general and refer more to a society level rather than an individuals. Nevertheless, it does offer an interesting experiment of comparing what might appear as random acts of fortune with today's hours and the forthcoming months.

See our dedicated Water Snake web page for our annual predictions, or if you have a Water Snake in your horoscope, or to see how this qi will affect you. Although our office is open as normal, we will be taking a spring break from our daily blog and will return on 9th April. Until then, enjoy every moment of NOW!
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