Thursday, 7 March 2013

Monkey Mouth?

If Water Monkey is in your Chinese horoscope under certain conditions you could enjoy continuous prosperity.

It’s a Water Monkey day and as water represents wisdom, it reminded me of the three wise monkeys, one of which could speak no evil. That’s an interesting coincidence as in face reading a distinguishing feature of a Water type person is a distinguished mouth. It’s usually extended and undulating like Benedict Cumberbatch, Simon Cowell or Lord Alan Sugars. If you know someone like this and have their birthdate you could see for yourself with our free Chinese horoscope.

If Water Monkey is in your chart, especially as the day, you can be extremely prosperous in middle age. If you were born in August or November as well, you could have abundance throughout your life.  This affords an affluent lifestyle, very useful as you enjoy comfort and being pampered. On the downside, there is a tendency for people to tell you what you want to hear but if you always follow your instincts, shouldn’t create any problems. Famous Water Monkeys include Rosanna Arquette, Jack Black, James Cameron, Elvis Costello, Benedict Cumberbatch (day), Melinda Gates, Joe Jonas, Lil' Romeo, Edward Norton, Matthew Perry, Erik Schrody, Christian Slater, Adam Yauch.

It’s a slow news day in the feng shui almanac and only suitable for tidying up loose ends, or concluding matters such as funeral duties. It advises against opening water features or aligning your bed. It’s a better day tomorrow and until then, enjoy every moment of NOW!
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