Wednesday, 27 March 2013

It’s Tigertastic?

Although it’s a Water Dragon day in a Rabbit month, those born under the influence of the Tiger sign will have such a memorable day, I’ve invented a new word - Tigertastic. As an encounter with a Tiger can be beautiful, caution must be observed to avoid calamity. In a similar way, depending on the equilibrium of your Chinese horoscope, today can be spectacularly good or fantastically bad.

This Chinese astrology information is used in a feng shui consultation to balance this flow by making the following recommendations: 
·         Position or placement, that is sitting in the most appropriate and beneficial part of your home to suit functionality and your energy needs.
·         Direction, once the space is found, having you sit, face or sleep in your most favourable directions to not just balance but also inspire and empower.
·         Performance, from analysing your energy we can even tell you which job, vocation or activity will bring you the most satisfaction and happiness in life generally or at any given time.
·         Dietary, it is said that you are what you eat and we can even tell you what foods and flavours are best suited to you.
·         Aesthetics, power dressing plus, we can also tell you which colours will motivate, inspire, relax and attract fame, fortune and relationships to you.
·         Atmosphere, once your energy is understood, Feng Shui can offer advice to create the perfect nurturing atmosphere for you, your family or staff in your home and office.

Consequently, people that live in homes or work in offices that have been feng shuied do not need to worry too much about the triple alignment that occurs today. However, we offer advice for those yet to try this sometimes life changing and definitely life enhancing experience.

The alignment occurs as the day (Dragon), and month (Rabbit) signs combine with the Tiger to bring a huge wood element influence. If beneficial it can bring fantastic, no make that “Tigertastic” opportunities for making life or long term strategic decisions and can greatly improve, personal wealth, relationships, recognition, and authority. However, if it upsets the flow, this wood influence can bring enormous anger, frustration and pressure. Let’s see how you will be affected.

First you may need to see if you have a Tiger in your chart and the best and easiest way to do this is to use our free Chinese horoscope. Secondly, you will need to know where it appears, as this will show you where and who will be affected by this triple alignment.
Next use our attribute cycle, also free, to see what will be affected in terms of wealth, power, creativity, relationships, or support. You might want to pass this blog onto a friend or family member to see if they are “Tigertastic” too.

If it turns out to be a grrrreat day, remember who told you first. However, if your patience begins to be sorely tested, you can try using the fire element to cure and there is lots of information on our site as to how to do this. Alternatively and especially if symptoms (annoyance) persists, you might consider having a professional astrology reading.

Having hopefully averted any problems, let’s return to the Water Dragon day. The Feng Shui almanac recommends letting off steam by travelling, preparing for better times ahead by tidying up loose ends in your home or office or personally by having a haircut. It advises against opening a water feature.

If Water Dragon is in your Chinese horoscope or if you want to see how all other signs are affected today, please see our dedicated web page. We will return tomorrow and until then, enjoy every moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey

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