Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Snake Heaven?

Being a Snake day in a Snake year our title is a proverb that refers to a “nice den” and therefore indicates that today is a perfect time to find your ideal home. Having a feng shui consultation could tell you what life would be like living in that home, or indeed any potential habitat, before you actually made any commitment.  It could also tell you what recommendations were needed (if any) to make living there your ideal heaven.

It’s such a good day for moving home as the Wood aspect of this Wood Snake day forms a natural cycle of development and is said to blossom in the Snake. Consequently, those with these wood and fire elements are highly intelligent, creative and of great service to others. They are also extremely generous, even to the point of giving it all away. Ask Robert Downey Jr. Elizabeth Hurley, Martin Lawrence, Vinnie Jones, Dennis Lehane, Gong Li, Sam Mendes, Sarah Jessica Parker, Marti Pellow, J. K. Rowling, Charlie Sheen and Ben Stiller if this is so?

Those born under the influence of Wood Snake are usually totally dedicated to their appearance and the “body beautiful”.  Consequently, the feng shui almanac or Tong Shu recommends pampering, having a haircut and buying clothes, tidying up or making improvements to your home, along with adding a water feature as today’s most successful activities.

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See our dedicated Wood Snake web page for how this Chinese zodiac sign will affect you and we will return tomorrow. Until then, enjoy every moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey

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