Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Red Rabbit day?

No, it is not another Tom Clancy book but a Fire Rabbit day. The fire element colour is red and earth signs of Dragon, Dog, Ox and Goat can wear this colour to feel vibrant. If you think that is good, water people of Pig and Rat can use red to attract wealth and wives or girlfriends, and metal women of Monkey and Rooster can attract a mate. For more advice see Feng shui power dressing and colours

The Chinese almanac states that it is good to meditate, ask ancestors for advice, travel get engaged, open a business or move home and set up a bed or grave.

Today is good for Pig, Rabbits and Goat and brings changes for those with Snake, Rooster and Ox horoscopes. Not sure which sign you are? Have a free Chinese astrology horoscope here.

Fire and Horse signs can get good advice, whilst earth signs of Dragon, Goat, Dog and Ox may feel powerful and find them selves in powerful positions. Monkey and Rooster men can be lucky in love and along with their female counterparts can also have money luck.

Until tomorrow - enjoy today!

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