Friday, 14 January 2011

Earth Snake day – smooth or rough?

In nature Earth snake are small and secretive, they are brown, gray or reddish coloured. There are 2 species in their genus: Smooth Earth Snake and Rough Earth Snake. Similarly, in Chinese astrology our Earth Snake could also be considered as being red and brown and depending on when it occurs could indicate being rough or smooth. In general terms an Earth Snake denotes strength, resourcefulness and good health, especially so in this Ox month. As its qi is well supported; it is definitely of the “smooth” variety.

There is also a partnership aspect as the Snake is part of the same group as the Ox (January) and Rooster (17:00 – 19:00) and this carries through in recommended activates stated in the Chinese almanac for today. These range from seeing friends, to getting engaged or even married to them and swapping wedding gifts. Moving to a new home, or refurbishing home or business are also well highlighted, Perhaps finishing by fermenting wine and drinking responsibly.

Today’s Chinese astrology sees the Rat and Pig signs being lucky with money although the latter is clashed and will benefit by taking advice before making major decisions. They may naturally find this assistance from earth signs of Dragon, Sheep, Dog and Ox who are all well supported with extra “bounce”, they may spend this in bargain hunting.

As you may expect Snake signs are prominent and creative whilst their fellow fire signs of Horse can be quite prosperous. Rooster and Monkey signs are in the spotlight and can gain power and prominence. The Wood signs of Tiger and Rabbit should be quite creative, or are able to relax or travel with ease.

Until Monday – enjoy now!

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