Friday, 21 January 2011

Fire Rat cycles with great cold!

The Rat marks the start of a new cycle of animal signs or as they are professionally known Earthly Branches. Although they have romantic personality traits , when used as month signs they actually track the rise and fall of energy via the five elements throughout a year.

Another cycle that runs concurrently is the 24 Chinese seasons of which yesterday began Great Cold which happens to be the 24th. This cycle tracks natural phenomenon and as such, it can be used to see how global warming is affecting our current climate. This 15 day period denotes the coldest time of the year in the Northern hemisphere and if we count the days between yesterday and our next cold spell, you can see just how much we are affected locally by this planetary phenomenon.

On the subject of climate, this Fire Rat day brings warmth and friendship to the Rat, who together with the Pig can enjoy romance, plans coming to fruition and wealth opportunities. Metal element signs of Monkey and Rooster can be positively inspired or can relax and take things more easily, whilst their women can experience romance. Money luck also comes to the earth signs of Dragon, Sheep, Dog even moreso for Ox

Today Tiger is well supported, but the Rabbit may be punished, the Horse may also have a tough time and would benefit from the wood element, Meanwhile, Snake has power and may be prominent.

The Chinese almanac says today is good for meditating, pampering, buying clothes, collecting debts, trading, fermenting or drinking wine (responsibly) and making funeral arrangements.

Until Monday – enjoy now!

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