Monday, 24 January 2011

Earth Rabbit day

As the Rabbit is the new animal for 2011, this afternoon affords a view of the year to come. This happens as the Yin Earth stem rules the first half of the day whilst the animal sign rules thereafter. However, as a Rabbit day occurs every 12 days and follows the five element cycle the next Rabbit day will therefore be metal and perfectly match the year ahead. Perhaps you can make a note of this in your diary?

Astrologically, today is good for Pig who along with Rat signs are both expressive and creative, they may also receive opportunities to travel. Rabbits are at the centre of attention and may be nervous as a result. Whilst Tiger signs can see their plans develop. Our Earth signs of Dragon, Goat, Dog and Ox should feel powerful, and if pressurised should wear fire colours. Females of these signs can be lucky in love. Males would have to have the metal element of Monkey or Rooster to have similar luck. Although the latter is clashed and may suffer confusion or conflict, they also need to be careful of damaging extremities such as fingers, toes and even hips. They would benefit from fire and earth elements. Fire and Horse signs may feel energetic and they are in a good position to receive helpful advice.

Not sure which sign you are? Have a free Chinese astrology horoscope here.

The Chinese almanac states that suitable activities today are to ask ancestors for guidance, pray for blessings, take a course, get engaged, swap gifts, open business or refurbish warehouse, arrange burial services. Unsuitable pursuits are anything to do with water features or fishing, except washing of course.

Until tomorrow - enjoy today!

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