Thursday, 27 January 2011

Black beauty day?

In explaining the title of this blog, you should know that black refers to the colour associated with Yang Water stem the first part of today’s Water Horse pillar. Adding this to the animal sign of Horse it naturally followed to suggest an example of one of the bestselling books of all time – Black Beauty. Written by Anna Sewell in 1877 and selling over fifty million copies it tells the tale of relationships with animals, and as Horse is partnered with this years’ Tiger sign, it also suits today’s astrological trend. The final part of this group is the Dog and if you have one in your horoscope it will form a very strong fire combination. See our attribute cycle for its effects on you.

Relations with other animal signs begin with the Rat which is clashed and may have a stressful afternoon, along with the Pig signs they should be lucky in love and money though. Metal element women also have romance and all Monkey and Rooster signs share power and recognition.

Earth signs of Dragon, Goat, Dog and Ox should be full of energy and new ideas and Rabbit and Tiger signs can put them into action as they will feel creative today. Culminating with Snake signs who can benefit by seeing their plans develop or come to fruition.

Being a Water and Fire day the Chinese almanac suggests that it is unsuitable to install water features, not the household kind more the agricultural. Instead you can meditate, ask for blessings, visit friends, have a haircut, change your bed direction, lay foundations, buy clothes, or arrange a funeral.

Until tomorrow – enjoy today!

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