Thursday, 8 November 2012

Little Dippers guide the way; pukka!

Water Rooster is better than an OK day, as its linked with rewards, especially promotion and salary increases. 

Traditionally we begin our daily blog by mentioning the Chinese astrology influence of the day. However, today it’s the “Ladle” from the 28 Lunar Mansions that’s gets us underway. This is the constellation that the moon rises in, and known as The Little Bear or Little Dipper. Together with its larger version, The Great Bear or Big Dipper, they guided the way for our ancient predecessors and were the basis of navigation. It therefore seems only fitting that we begin here.

Coincidentally, today's Water Rooster could be considered as a little dipper too, after all it’s a small bird and associated with water. When found within the Chinese almanac it also guides our way, allowing us to “go with the flow” and make the most of the day ahead. Today it recommends meditation or honouring ancestors, taking a course, meditation or honouring ancestors , having a haircut, sweeping house, refurbishing a home or office, laying foundations, fixing a roof, moving home, buying or setting direction for your bed or oven, erecting a statue or funeral duties. The Tong Shu advises against litigation, felling trees or acquiring livestock today.

It’s generally a better than OK day, one might even say good.  Because the “Ladle” shape signifies measuring and distribution it’s associated with rewards, especially in the form of promotion and salary increases.

Interestingly Jamie Oliver was born on this day of the Water Rooster and he’s the most successful TV chef in the world. Part of his charm is “dipping” his fingers and tasting his food; pukka!

See our dedicated Water Rooster web page for how your own zodiac sign fares today and we will return tomorrow with a Dog and Stick.
Until then, enjoy moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey

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