Thursday, 1 November 2012

For want of a horse?

Today's title is an excerpt from a proverbial rhyme showing that small actions can result in large consequences and may refer to the death of King Richard III of England at the Battle of Bosworth Field.

It’s actually a Fire Tiger day in a Dog month and as both Chinese horoscope signs are part of the same zodiac group, you would think it would be auspicious wouldn’t you? However, these signs need a third member, the Horse to connect and complete them, and then it should be lucky.

If you were born between June 7th and July 6th in any year, you probably have a Horse zodiac sign in your Chinese astrology chart. Definitely so, if you were born between 11 am and 1pm, or after February 4th in any Horse year such as 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954, 1942 or any 12th year prior. Of course, you could also have been born on a Horse day which returns every 12th day and instead of getting you to perform an elaborate mental formula, use this link to see if you were free Chinese horoscope.

Due to Chinese astrology being so complex, with almost 13 million different horoscopes, it’s impossible to say exactly how this alignment will react with your own chart without having a professional astrology reading. However, for a broad outline and to see what aspect of life will affected, be it wealth, health, creativity, relationships, power or recognition, see our attribute cycle.

Today's title is also appropriate as it refers to loss, and the Chinese almanac lists attending to funeral duties, as one of the most suitable activities today. Digging holes , laying foundations and visiting friends are also lucky, whilst meditation, honouring ancestors or installing an oven are not.

To see how your own Chinese horoscope sign will fare today, see our “Kingdom for a Fire Horse” also known as our dedicated web page. We will return tomorrow with a Fire Rabbit. Until then, enjoy NOW!
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