Thursday, 5 July 2012

Take stock as Rabbits rise

It’s a Fire Rabbit day, where fire represents the height of growth and in five element theory, the Rabbit strengthens this phenomenon. In this pinnacle position you would expect quite a busy day ahead, yet the Chinese almanac advises only quiet contemplation.

It is a time of taking stock and gathering your energy for busy times ahead. This is borne out by the Twelve Mansions which lists today as a Gather day. From the Twenty Eight Lunar Mansions we also get Well, an indication of stored and storing resources. Why so? Well, tomorrow is a Dragon day in a Dragon year and Saturday sees the start of a new month and solar term called Little Heat, so let’s keep cool while we can.

To see how your personal astrology will fare under these influences, please see our dedicated Fire Rabbit web page. We will return tomorrow with an Earth Dragon and until then, enjoy every moment of NOW, only don’t work so hard at it.

Finn & Slim Shooey

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