Friday, 20 July 2012

Celebrate the return of the Earth King

Wow a grand title to match the day. Earth king refers to the eighteen day period that occurs at the end of every five element phase or season. Sadly, yesterday was the end of the fire element or summer season as we know it. According to the book of nature the metal season or autumn starts on the 7th August and the time between then and now is meant for celebration of nature’s finest.

Consequently, the Chinese almanac advises making wine or drinking (responsibly), putting your home in order by fixing cracks in walls and uneven paths, laying foundations and burial functions or duties.

Being an earth period of stability it advises against anything to do with installing water in the landscape, such as building dykes or watercourses. Hopefully, as the earth element naturally controls water, we should see the recent torrential flooding diminishing.

Interestingly, in support of this “drying out” hypothesis, tomorrow is the start of Great Heat; a fifteen day period comprising one of the 24 Seasons in Chinese philosophy and culture. As today is a Water Horse, does this mark the turning point being half water and half heat?

Of course erring on the side of frivolity, I have tagged today's celebratory influences as a Soused Seahorse. To see the effects this creature has on your personal astrology see our dedicated web Water Horse page.

A secondary reason for such an outrageous title is that hopefully you will remember us with a smile during our blog holiday. We are teaching this weekend and our blog would normally return next Wednesday; however we routinely take a seasonal break, so our blog will now return in September. Our office will still be manned and we are still available for all consultations and usual business arrangements. Until we return, enjoy every moment of NOW.

Finn & Slim Shooey

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