Thursday, 12 July 2012

Barking dog never bites

Today's title refers to a Flemish saying and means a lot of angry words, but no action. As an imbalance of the wood element denotes anger and today's Dog clashes with the annual Dragon, you can see why we chose it.

Chinese astrology can be used to predict health problems and this clash can mean damaging feet, legs, chest or shoulders, so take it easy with whatever you do. So says the Chinese almanac which advises the only suitable activities today are quiet contemplation and sweeping up or putting your house in order. It specifically advises against laying foundations or opening a warehouse. Now it’s a good job I didn’t liken Yang Wood to a stick, as there would be nowhere to bury it.

Wood Dog can be the most affluent of the five different types of Dog in Chinese astrology. To see how you own sign fares under its influence see our dedicated Wood Dog web page. We will return tomorrow on a Wood Pig day, or should that be a Truffle Hunter?

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Until tomorrow, enjoy every moment of NOW.

Finn & Slim Shooey

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