Friday, 16 March 2012

Of Rats, Rabbits and Gathering Ghosts…

Being a Fire Rat day in a Rabbit month doesn’t bode too well. It’s not just because there isn’t a lot of love between these signs, the Rabbit feels punished by the Rat and the latter may feel drained by our long eared friend. In addition, the Yang Fire of today clashes with the annual Yang Water sign. However, being a “Ghost” day in the 28 Lunar Mansion or moon phase, may make us wish that tomorrow comes sooner than normal.

Days that are ruled by “Ghosts” are unfavourable and any new projects can end in misfortune. Women that marry on a Ghost day are said to be widows longer than they are wives. But prayers for the dead, memorial services and visits to cemeteries to visit the tombs of ancestors will bring great merit and respect, and honours to one’s descendants.

That said, it isn’t all bad and according to the 12 daily palaces, it’s a “Gather” day. This makes commerce or trade successful, especially for hairdressers, so it’s also good for haircuts. With a well-crafted “barnet”, we should organise matters of a joyful nature so that the time will quickly pass, so says the Chinese almanac.

I mentioned yesterday that a new action cycle started today and we are extremely busy for the next twelve days at least. Consequently, our blog which would normally return on Tuesday will be postponed until our next respite, this may not be until after Easter.

However, we will still update our web site daily.

Until we return, enjoy every moment of NOW!

Finn & Slim Shooey

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