Thursday, 8 March 2012

Doggone it’s double Dragon day?

Doggone is meant more as an enquiry, rather than a statement, because our canine friends have a pretty healthy survival instinct and today that may be tested. This Dragon year was always going to be, shall we say a “challenging” period for a Dog sign and whatever harm, anguish or frustration they may have endured may be worse on this Earth Dragon day.

Dog signs need to be careful of damaging their shoulders or chest and may see changes at home, work or in their personal life. Mind you Dragon vs Dragon is not ideal for any of us and today's advice from the book of nature is to go “walkies”, have a haircut, sweep home or fill any cracks. In other words, deal with the mundane and not worry about today's qi as it will quickly pass. However, if you are still concerned, see our dedicated Earth Dragon web page to see how your sign will be affected.

Tomorrow is a much better day, and we will see you there.

Until then, enjoy NOW

Finn & Slim Shooey

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