Friday, 2 March 2012

Dog day afternoon!

A damp start to today isn’t surprising as it is a Water Dog day and exactly matches the yang water from the month and annual signs. However, of greater significance is that the Dog will be reconciled with the Tiger month sign by the Horse hour this afternoon. Whatever your chart (find out here with our free Chinese horoscope) this alignment can have a huge significance on you. Hopefully it will be as memorable as the classic Al Pacino film mentioned in our title today, but to make sure, you will need to see the effects of fire on your Chinese horoscope using our attribute cycle. This info can be likened to have an inside man helping you, instead of a force arrayed against you.

With the huge amount of fire and water element, the Chinese almanac or book of nature advises caution by meditation and contemplation or sweeping up and keeping still until tomorrow.

To see how today will affect your horoscope see our dedicated Water Dog web page. We will return as usual on Tuesday and the best day during our absence will be Sunday, which also begins the Rabbit monthly sign.

Until then, enjoy NOW

Finn & Slim Shooey

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