Tuesday, 15 October 2013

High Noon?

Our feng shui calendar tells us that today is a Wood Tiger day and falling as it does in a Dog month, only needs the Horse sign to complete a huge fire element influence. See five elements.

Fire represents the height of growth and the peak of energy, so during the double hour of the Horse (11am – 1pm local time), we all get to experience this influence for ourselves. Of course, if you actually have a Horse in your Chinese astrology horoscope, the effect lasts all day and you should use our attribute cycle to find out how you will be personally affected.

For those without the Horse sign and not going for a power lunch or having an audition, (fire element represents performance), it’s not a terribly auspicious day because we have the beginning and end of the group, but nothing to connect the two.

Nevertheless, Tiger and Dog are highly compatible and the feng shui almanac recommends seeing friends and even shopping for clothes as suitable activities. Funeral services should also go well. However, litigation and randomly enough fishing are not well favoured.

It’s a much better day tomorrow and as we head towards a full moon on Saturday, activity will improve and so might the weather.

We will return when we have something more to tell you. Until then, enjoy every moment of NOW!
Finn & Slim Shooey

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