Friday, 17 May 2013

In the running, go for gold in Chinese astrology

Another special day ahead especially when you go with the flow, here’s how…

It seems that these triple alignments although rare have occurred a lot lately. Yesterday; a horse day, we were looking for a Goat, and today being a Goat day we are in the running for a horse.  Yesterday should have been a memorable day for those with the Goat influence and today Horse signs will get to experience this too. 

However, as this triple alignment between the day and month has such a strong effect it can actually upset the equilibrium of the Chinese horoscope and cause mayhem too, so today can be fantastically good, or really not so much…

 It just goes to show that even though you only have one Chinese zodiac sign in a group it can combine with its other two counterparts in time. Take this year as an example, the Snake will affect the Ox and Rooster and at certain times create a huge metal influence. Similarly, as we have seen in these last couple of days, it affects the Horse and Sheep to create a massive fire influence.

As there are almost 13 million different variations in Chinese astrology, it’s impossible to be general and say how these alignments can affect you, remember they can be fantastically god or bad. However, as this form of astrology uses the five elements it is said to cure bad luck.

So, if you are at all worried check your horoscope to see if you have any of the signs just listed then head over to our attribute cycle to show you its effect and if needed; how to cure it. 

This is all free and can be used as many times as you like, by you, your friends and family, or anybody that you care about, why not email this to, or share it with someone now?

A fine example of balancing Chinese horoscopes or finding equilibrium is today's Water Goat; those born on these days may have stomach issues and bottle up all their emotions. They need the metal element to balance and this can be found by using feng shui and sleeping with their head in the west, wearing white, grey or metallic colours, diet and personal management. This knowledge can turn bad times into better and good times into fantastic ones, perhaps you can now see why people think feng shui and chines astrology is pure gold!

As is daily tips on which activities will help you be in the right place at the right time. According to the feng shui or Chinese almanac its great day to buy land or property, also good for planting seeds and sweeping house, you can take this metaphorically to mean research and attention to fine detail.

As we are teaching this weekend our blog should return on next Wednesday. Until then, enjoy every moment of NOW!
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