Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Sugar Snake shake?

When sugar (sucrose) is dehydrated with sulphuric acid, there is a spectacular response as the sugar turns into a black carbonized tube that grows serpent-like out of its container. This phenomenon occurs as the acid removes water from the sugar, releasing heat, steam and sulphur oxide fumes. You shouldn’t try this at home as acid is extremely corrosive, but exothermic qualities also occur when wind meets water.

Principally water evaporating and air condensing releases energy into an environment, which when absorbed affects our performance and quality of life. Problems arise as energy rises and falls and as you would expect; when water is placed on vibrant energy beneficial effects occur.

Unfortunately, when water interacts with decaying energy, negative results follow and this will certainly affect your efficiency, health and wellbeing. Luckily feng shui uses time and the earth’s natural magnetic fields to discern vibrant from decaying energy and advises on the best location for a water source. This creates a naturally nurturing environment and converts stressful spaces into highly efficient and empowering zones, making a home or business consultation ideal for these troubling times.

Unlike the sugar snake experiment, Feng Shui is definitely something you should try at home and especially in the office. It can also create the perfect atmosphere for any environment or occasion such as restaurants, parties and weddings.

As this is a feng shui and Chinese astrology blog, you may wonder why we began with a chemistry phenomenon. Well in truth, the inspiration came from today being an Earth Snake day and although the quality of an earth element is “sweetness”, we were more attracted by its alignment with this month zodiac signs. Specifically, today's Snake sign reacts with this month’s Monkey sign to form a water combination that signifies wisdom.

Wisdom is inherent within Feng Shui the study and practice of wind and water in an environment and its use allows us to improve our quality of life at home, as well as efficiency, morale and success in our office. This is why we likened the effects of mixing two ingredients together to obtain extraordinary results.

On the subject of wisdom, the Chinese almanac suggests "extraordinary results" could be found today by meditation or honouring ancestors, visiting friends, exchanging gifts, emigrating, opening a business and trading, laying foundations or fixing a roof.

If Earth Snake is in your Chinese horoscope, and you can find out from our free Chinese horoscope, you are very resourceful, competitive and creative. See our dedicated Earth Snake web page for more details and we will return tomorrow with a Metal Horse.

Until then, enjoy every moment of NOW.

Finn & Slim Shooey

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