Friday, 17 December 2010

Metal Ox – little white bull day?

It seems we can explain away today’s Metal Ox day in a couple of ways; firstly we associate the elements colour white with purity and by extension holiness. Secondly this metal element is associated with miniature scale objects. Finally, Ox being another name for Bull hence “Little white bull”!

Dog, Pig and Rat signs are supported today as the former see their plans develop, whilst the latter water signs are made vibrant by today’s qi. Tiger and Rabbit signs have power and money luck and Horse and Snake can join Dragon and Ox signs to can try out new ideas, or travel somewhere new.

Although the Sheep is clashed and could have stomach problems, this is best avoided by eating wisely. Being a metal day natural favours Monkey and Rooster and they can feel vibrant and on top of the world.

As the Ox has a partnership with this month’s Rat sign the Chinese almanac lists most activities as being auspicious making it a great day for that last minutes seasonal bargain or to settle affairs before year end. Speaking of which we will be back in the new year and may we wish you everything you wish for yourselves for this festive period and 2011.

Until 2011 – enjoy now!

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