Friday, 7 December 2012

One more drop… and the Monkey gets it!

It’s a Water Tiger day, in a new Water Rat month in a Water Dragon year - wow what a lot of water!  Furthermore, the Rat and Dragon combine to make even more of the water element. Even more so with a Monkey in your Chinese horoscope, which completes this group, to them this drop of water may actually feel like an ocean. Although, the Water element represents wisdom, bravado and communication, too much of it in your chart may cause depression or alcohol addiction.

Today we can all experience this for ourselves between 3pm – 5pm (15:00 – 17:00 local time) as it will be a Monkey hour. If during this time you feel especially brave or talkative, you have a good month ahead. If however, the “light at the end of your tunnel” starts to flicker and you suddenly feel sad, you will need either the wood or fire and earth elements to balance your energy.

These influences can be incorporated relatively easily into your life either by certain activities, eating specific food groups, sleeping or facing precise directions and even wearing certain colours.  Although, the Monkey sign also clashes with today's Tiger, so if you feel sad at any other time today, don’t worry that will soon pass and tomorrow you should feel much better.

Monthly influence
So with the alignment between the Rat and Dragon, it should generally be one of the best months of the year. With the strong water influence, you should expect communication and all other water related aspects, including spending money, to figure prominently over the festive holidays and into the New Year. Consequently, you may want to order that tablet, or mobile phone sooner rather than later.

It’s also not a bad day either and as mentioned yesterday, we have the start of “Big Snow”, one of the 24 seasons of nature, perhaps heralding the likelihood of a white Christmas?

If a Monkey is “under the weather”, a Rabbit sign could be on “top of the world” due to another potential alignment between the Tiger day and Dragon year. With all of this water around they could feel like the “energiser bunny”, so the fire element will help them relax.

Seriously though, Chinese astrology is the only form of astrology that allows you to correct a “bad luck” period and although there’s lots of free and helpful information on our site, it’s obviously best to have a professional astrology reading. Actually, according to the Chinese almanac, having a reading is one of the recommended activities for today; a gift that just keeps on giving. Due to the previously mentioned alignments, the book of nature also suggests travelling, getting married, having a haircut, opening a business laying foundations, fixing a roof or setting up a tombstone.

See our dedicated Water Tiger web page for how your own sign will fare today. As we are teaching this weekend, we will return next Wednesday. Until then, enjoy moment of NOW!
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