Friday, 13 April 2012

Hide the hound from a Gaggle of Dragons!

Today is a Wood Dragon day, in a Wood Dragon month of a Water Dragon year, wow that’s a lot of Dragons. Search the internet for a term that relates to a group of them and you find the great and mundane such as weyr, thunder, a wing of dragons to flight, or a clutch of dragons. It seems no one has a definite answer and in this vein, I thought “Gaggle” sounded as good as any other.

Especially so as “gaggle” normally refers to geese, who due to their protective influence, could be considered as farmyard versions of these legendary beasts. In some cases they have completely replaced the Dog in security measures, and that fits too, as a Dragons arch rival is the Dog. With several Dragons aligned today; Dogs had better keep a low profile. They need to be especially careful of damaging their shoulder or chest and may see changes at home, work, family or even whilst travelling or visiting. This depends on where the Dog is found in your chart which you can discover from our free Chinese horoscope. Once found follow the links on the page to see what changes you can expect.

For all else the Chinese almanac recommends, honouring ancestors, meditation, having a haircut, fixing cracks on walls and paths. It advises against opening a business or laying foundations.

In the west its also Friday the 13th considered as unlucky by many in the west. Although, this was only unlucky for Knights Templar in the year 1307 who had their Preceptory’s raided by armed forces. However, the Chinese almanac actually agrees that today is unlucky as it is a “Ghost” day in the lunar mansions, hence honouring ancestors and quite reflection. It should be considered as a day of preparation.

On the subject of preparation, we are teaching this weekend so our blog would normally return on Wednesday. However, as we have several international business projects to attend to, we will return in May.

To see how your own Chinese zodiac sign will fare today, see our dedicated Wood Dragon web page.

Until we return, enjoy

every moment of NOW!

Finn & Slim Shooey

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