Wednesday, 30 June 2010

White Pig day

Yesterday was a “good day” and this metal Pig day is considered “beautiful” as it favours improvement of some kind. Therefore, any activities related to aesthetics from having a haircut, buying clothes, decorating and refurbishing your home to quality of life is suitable today. It even includes buying or repositioning a bed to your most favourable direction to improve sleep. As we are what we eat, you can apply the same procedure to a stove, so it’s a great day for a barbecue with friends.

A Pig day brings wealth opportunities to the earth signs of Dragon, Sheep, Dog and Ox. Wood signs of Rabbit and Tiger will feel energised, whilst fire signs of Snake and Horse should feel empowered and gain recognition. Although, the Snake sign may feel under pressure as it clashes today, the wood element can cure this so wearing green or light blue colours will help. Conversely, metal signs of Monkey and Rooster should have quite a relaxing and creative day.

Until tomorrow – enjoy today!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

That’s my kind of dog!

On seeing an early morning news item about how a Dog was being used to sniff and monitor blood sugar levels in a little girl, I knew it had to be a special day. This was confirmed on checking the Chinese almanac.

Today is such an auspicious day that it is good for all signs except Dragon’s. The Metal of today exactly matches the Annual qi and the Dog is part of the same group as the 2010 Tiger and Horse. Actually, if you have a Horse in your horoscope, albeit in the year, month, day or hour, it will be as if you have six animals today instead of the usual four. This will make the fire element extremely strong in your chart and may bring power, wealth, romance, creativity or vibrancy. Find out how it affects you by having a free Chinese horoscope and then check the Attribute cycle.

The almanac further stated today is excellent for relationships, marriage and getting engaged. Trading, building or renovating property. Buying clothes, seeing friends and drinking or making wine, as if we needed any excuse. So cheers!
Until tomorrow – enjoy today!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Earth Rooster day

Today’s astrology means that the Rooster will be the centre of attention. In Chinese astrology, this zodiac sign is known as a bird that makes a lot of noise but cannot reach the heavens. They will therefore enjoy the centre stage today. It is also good for the associated signs of Snake and Ox, who share creativity. The former also has wealth or wife potential whilst the latte has friendship. Rabbit signs may be under stress today, but share wealth opportunities along with Tigers. Similarly earth signs of Dragon, Goat and Dog should have be relaxed whereas Pig and Rat signs have lots of energy.

The Chinese almanac states that it is only a good day for having a haircut, cleaning house and repairing walls and passageways.

Until tomorrow – enjoy today

Friday, 25 June 2010

Fire horse day

In Chinese astrology, we have good and bad days and sadly today is one of the latter as it forms a clash with this month’s heavenly stem. If you want to know what the effects of this are England Footballer Wayne Rooney has one of these in his horoscope and as had problems in South Africa since arriving. This clash between yang water and yang fire is strongest up until the 21st and already we have seen a change in his performance since then. His next outing is on Sunday an Earth Monkey day, another clash this time with the annual zodiac sign of Tiger, so there may be problems ahead for others. However, Wayne should do much better as it is a naturally creative day for him.

How is it for you? Well the Tong Shu says today is only good for asking advice from ancestors. Although Tiger, Horse and Dog signs should fare much better. Earth signs of Dragon, Goat, Dog and Ox should be full of energy and have support when they need it. Water signs of Pig and Rat are lucky with wealth and wives or girlfriends. Metal women also have romance and power, and all Monkey and Rooster signs share power and recognition.

Tomorrow has a full moon and being a Fire Goat day it is the best day of the weekend.

Have a great weekend

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Wood Snake day

Today brings friendship to those with Snake in their horoscope. Those with Horse may suffer setbacks and competition. Goat folk are full of energy and the metal people of Monkey and Roosters have power and opportunities for recognition. It is a good romance day for metal women. Rat horoscopes can collect money as can Pigs, and will benefit from the wood element of today. Wood signs of Tiger and Rabbit should be quite creative today.

The Chinese almanac suggests that today is good for finishing things so it’s good to move into a home, give up bad habits, install an oven or a grave stone.

Until tomorrow – enjoy today!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Spring Dragon day

Today being a Wood Dragon day should bring wealth to all metal people and romance to males with this element. Whereas, woman with the Earth element could be lucky in love.

Monkey, Rats and Dragon signs fare well whilst, Tigers, Horse, and Dog signs see change in some aspect of their life.

Pigs, Rats and water signs can be creative and expressive, meanwhile fire people, including Snakes and Horses are well supported.

The Chinese almanac states that as an “open” day it’s great to begin projects such as handicrafts, painting, carving or playing musical instruments. Trade and business transactions are favoured. Travel leads to success.

The Moon also makes this a good day as its lunar mansion the “Basket” is auspicious, its probably easier to say what not to do today as maters of a happy nature are well favoured. Therefore, do not launch a warehouse sale, fell trees, move earth or travel to collect debts.

Until tomorrow - enjoy today!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Water Rabbit day

Today is good for Pig, Rabbits and Goat and brings changes for those with Snake, Rooster and Ox horoscopes. Not sure which sign you are? Have a free Chinese astrology horoscope here.

Fire and Horse males may feel powerful, whilst women with the same horoscope may attract a mate or be lucky in love. The earth signs of Dragon, Goat, Dog and Ox as well as Monkey, can be lucky with money and this brings romance to men with these signs.

The Chinese almanac states that it is good to meditate and ask ancestors for advice, as well as mending nets. If we take the latter almost literally a modern day translation could be that it is good for personal development and updating your web site.

Conversely, It is inadvisable to close a water source, taps excluded or to start legal proceedings.

Until tomorrow - enjoy today!

Friday, 18 June 2010

Earth Pig day

Today is good for those with the influence of Pig, Rabbit or Goat and those with Snake, Rooster or Ox in their charts can expect changes.

This year Pig days combine with the annual zodiac sign of Tiger to produce the five element influence of wood. This energy can affect us all in different ways and it is best to have a horoscope readingto see what this means for you. For example, it can either indicate directly or else the opportunity of receiving wealth, romance, power, recognition, creativity, friends, competitors or support.

Meanwhile the Tong Shu suggest that today and this weekend its best to clean home or renovate.

Until Monday – enjoy now!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Upward dog day?

Today being the start of a new 28 day cycle is highly auspicious. It is a Yang Earth Dog day - good for Tiger, Horse, Dog and Sheep signs. As the Dog is also Yang Earth we have a day of independence and strength, it is therefore suitable for any kind of building work or property development. This is doubly apt as another aspect of the Tong Shu has this as a “fix” day, a day of righting any wrongs.

If you don’t know how to DIY you may be glad to know that today is also good for learning or taking a new course. As it’s also fine for going out and meeting friends, why not take a pal. For loved ones you should know that engagements and marriages bode well.

Although Dragons, Monkeys and Rats may experience change today, so you should check your free horoscope to see how this affects you.

Until tomorrow – enjoy today!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Traffic problems?

This Yin Fire Rooster day should be good for those with Snake, Rooster or Ox in their horoscopes. Monkey’s who may have suffered problems yesterday should today see their plans coming to fruition, whilst Rabbit, Pig and Sheep signs may experience change.

For everyone else cleaning and renovation should be the order of the day especially to walls and passageways. The Tong Shu also mentions that it is good for “baby’s first bath” but unfavourable for having a haircut or making clothes.

Although the Moon is said to be in a favourable direction for trade, marriage and funerals in my experience it also brings a lot of traffic. This may be due to people heading to summer sales, or weddings and banquets, whatever the reason, it may be advisable to check the local traffic report and if appropriate allow extra time for your journey.

Until tomorrow - enjoy today!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Year break

This Fire Monkey day is known as a year break in Chinese astrology as the daily animal clashes with the annual sign of Tiger. It is said to be unlucky for most things except asking advice from ancestors, a Chinese tradition, and taking things apart or refurbishing. A modern day translation is a good day for getting advice or I Ching divination.

From a Chinese astrology perspective those born under the influence of Rooster may suffer setbacks, but it should be a better day for those with Rat. Whilst those with a Dragon should feel positively buoyant, especially in the morning. Monkey signs will focus on that part of life corresponding to their respective horoscope pillar, please click on link for details.

Until tomorrow – enjoy today!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Monday June 13th

Today the Moon appears in an auspicious direction known as The Bow which is the name taken from the shape of this constellation. It originally represented the spread wings of a bird.

It is a sign of festive occasions and celebrations and includes everything from food preparations to swapping presents. It represents the sharing of wealth after a successful career and bodes well for engagements, marriage and property investment or development. It is especially good for trading and long term contracts.

Being a Yin Wood Sheep day it is also good for those born under the influence of Rabbit and Pig. For those born under the Sheep or Goat it will draw attention to the corresponding area of life where this appears in your horoscope. Please see our free Chinese Astrology interpretation

Whilst for those born under Yin Metal it can bring wealth although change may be involved. Similarly those with a Rooster, Snake and Ox could also notice small alterations.

Unit, tomorrow – enjoy today!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Friday is an open day and is good day for learning, buying, trading, building, laying foundation and even placing the roof on a building.

It is also good for those born under the sign of Yang Water, Dragon, Monkey and Rat and those born under the Dog, Tiger and Horse can experience change.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Daily tong shu and Chinese astrology diary

Hi All,
I finally succumbed to that nagging feeling that I should be part of the social network and would like to contribute in the form of a feng shui and Chinese astrology daily diary. This should help you make appropriate decisions from an astrological perspective and help you be in the right place at the right time in feng shui terms. Although, I should stress that whilst I have the best intentions to consistently publish this weekday only diary, common sense must prevail and I must stipulate that this is dependent on finding time amongst a busy schedule and workload.

Let’s begin with a translation from the Tong Shu Chinese almanac today 10th June 2010 is the second day of a twelve day cycle called Chu which means to discard. Not a good day for business or organised social activities, but excellent for spring cleaning, washing, clearing out and general preparation. Good for any activities involving personal hygiene and appearance. Consequently it is Ideal for visiting the hairdresser, dentist, health club, or for any sporting activities especially swimming.

In astrology terms today being a Metal Rabbit day means that Yin Wood and those with a Rooster in their Chinese astrology horoscope may be stressed due to changes beyond their control. Conversely, those born under the influences of Pig and Sheep will enjoy a rewarding day. If you do not know which Chinese animal signs you have you can get a free Chinese horoscope here.

Until tomorrow - enjoy today!
Finn Shooey