Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Black Sheep returns

Today is a Water Sheep day and like yesterdays water element influence it is associated with the colour black, hence Black Sheep. This Yin Water Sheep combination is known as a “pillar” and forms part of a sexagesimal or 60 part cycle. As it is allocated to years, months, days and hours the Black Sheep cometh every 5 days (60 hours) 2 months, (60 days) 5 years (60 months) and of course 60 years.

Generally speaking, the Sheep will be at the centre of attention today and together with the other earth signs of Dog, Ox and Dragon can be lucky with money and love. Although the Ox is clashed today and they may have a more stressful time due to unexpected changes.

Pig and Rat are powerful and ambitious and should they become pressurised metal element colours of white and grey will neutralise and empower them. Rabbit and Tiger are well supported and also have wealth opportunities. Snake and Horse signs are more relaxed and can develop their ideas. Whilst Metal signs of Monkey and Rooster will be vibrant and full of energy it is also good time for the Monkey to seek advice.

Today’s Water Sheep favours travel, especially emigration, taking a course, getting married, exchanging gifts, having an astrology reading, hunting, or fixing a roof..
Until we return – enjoy today!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Black horse day?

Today being a Water Horse day and the water element being associated with the colour black, I have chosen to name today a black horse day. As Horse is part of the group that has this years Tiger sign, if you have a Dog in your horoscope this will form a very strong fire combination for today only. See our attribute cycle for its effects on you.

Although the Rat is clashed and may have a stressful afternoon, along with the Pig signs they should be lucky in love and money though. Metal element women also have romance and all Monkey and Rooster signs share power and recognition.

Earth signs of Dragon, Goat, Dog and Ox should be full of energy and new ideas and Rabbit and Tiger signs can put them into action as they will feel creative today. Culminating with Snake signs who can benefit by seeing their plans develop or come to fruition.

Being a Water and Fire day the Chinese almanac suggests that it is unsuitable to install water features, not the household kind more the agricultural. Have a haircut instead or capture a bargain instead.

Until tomorrow – enjoy today!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

White Snake day?

It is not a heavy metal music day, white is the colour associated with metal and today is a Metal Snake day. Interestingly, David Coverdale founder of the band Whitesnake would have benefited greatly from this sign as it completes a special combination in his horoscope and brings outstanding recognition and power to him. Perhaps, he consulted a feng shui master before starting the band? If so, what does your Chinese horoscope say about you? What sign could you benefit from? Have a free horoscope and see if you can discover or have a professional reading and we will tell you.

“Here I Go Again” - today’s astrology brings support to Snake and earth signs of Sheep, Dog, Ox and Dragon. However, Horse signs although lucky with money may suffer setbacks from competition.

Metal signs of Monkey and Roosters may ask “Is this love” as they have romance, power or recognition.

Rat and Pigs have money luck. Although life for Pigs may be better with the earth element so wear earthy colours or walk the dog.

Wood signs of Tiger and Rabbit should be quite powerful and creative today.

The Chinese almanac suggests it is good to ask ancestors for guidance, seek blessings, take a course, see friends, get engaged, have a haircut, order an astrology chart, emigrate, trade and open a warehouse or business, build or refurbish, position a bed or fire, and visit a doctor.

Until tomorrow – enjoy today

Sunday, 26 September 2010

White Dragon day

This Metal Dragon day is auspicious as the Dragon forms a partnership with the monthly animal of Rooster. It is especially good for any kind of pairing be it, love, marriage or engagements or in business by forming partnerships or trade agreements. It is also good for getting new premises either as new or refurbished and to ask for blessings, visiting friends, hunting and buying clothes

It is a naturally good day for Dragon and brings change to Dog signs, although it can be quite creative, it indicates travel for all of the earth signs including Ox and Sheep too.

Monkeys and Roosters get support from friends, whilst Tigers and Rabbits have wealth or romance. Water sign of Pig and Rat have power and recognition, and fire signs of Horse and Snakes could get new ideas and be inspired.

Until tomorrow – enjoy today!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Bull’s Eye?

How could the term bull’s eye possibly relate to the Chinese astrology for today? Well allow me to explain and introduce elements of poetic licence, education and hopefully a touch of humour in doing so. As today is a Fire Ox day, let’s deal firstly with the eye in terms of five elements, i.e. water, wood, fire , earth and metal. These elements are used to express our universal energy characteristics and the eye relates to the fire element. Bull is just another name for Ox. Now comes the clever bit. So a Bull’s Eye is Ox Fire, or as we call it, a Fire Ox!

Chinese astrology comprises 12 animals known professionally as earthly branches, not to be confused with “earth” one of the five elements. These animals form four groups of three and actually represent key stages in the rise and fall of natural energy. As there are twelve animals equal to the amount of months in the year, each animal is fixed to a month. This means that you have more than one Chinese animal in your horoscope, see Four Pillars of Destiny for more details . Having just experienced the autumnal equinox you can probably guess we are currently at a key stage and today the Ox reacts favourably with the Rooster forming a semi group and making this an auspicious day.

I have added greater detail than usual as according to the Chinese almanac, today is good for learning. It is also suitable for going out, seeing friends, perhaps even getting engaged or married, that is after checking their astrological compatibility first. You could then emigrate, start a business, enter a new home, refurbish or even build your own home. Funerals and cremations are also favoured as is buying mourning clothes.

The Ox is one of four animals with the earth element and these are strengthened on a fire day. These include Dragon, Dog and Goat, although the later will clash and experience change today. Having both fire and earth elements enhance the metal signs of Monkey and Rooster. The Monkey greatly benefits from this as they are clashed with the annual Tiger of 2010. Speaking of which these “huhu” (Chinese name for Tiger) have either a creative or relaxing day depending on their preference. Along with their fellow wood branch of Rabbit It should also a good day for investment. Snake and Horse signs have a similarly inspiring day. Rats and Pigs - the water element signs have money luck this morning and power, recognition and romance all day.

Until Monday – have a great weekend.