Friday, 6 August 2010

Brown Rattales?

That haircut that was unwise to have yesterday can safely be had on this Earth Rat day. And apart from asking ancestors for advice, it is about the only thing to do today according to the Chinese almanac. So if you are going to have one, have a big or long one in the case of a Rattail hair extension.

Today’s astrology favours friendship and assistance for the Rat, relaxation for the Monkey and wealth luck for the Dragon. The Horse is clashed and would have a better day with the wood element, for best use see The Tiger has help in making money whereas the Dog and Goat have to make it for themselves. Ox is well favoured as is the Pig who sees their plans develop.
Back soon – have fun!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

When pigs fly!

If you had to assign one of the five elements to the action of flying, it must surely be fire, why? Well firstly, the sky or more specifically light is fire. Secondly, heat generated by an object flying through air is fire. Lastly, the frantic action of a Hog suddenly finding itself unsupported in the atmosphere, not to mention hysteria from the sheer experience are assigned the fire element too. So what would you do on this Fire Pig day? As long as it is visiting friends, travelling, emigrating, buying clothes, sweeping house, refurbishing kitchen and adding a stove or positioning a bed, laying foundations, fixing a roof, making wine or hunting then you have natures blessing. If actions you previously committed yourself to when pigs flew, involved going to a particular hair stylist, buying a wedding dress or marrying a particular person, I would wait for the real event. I must state that no animals were hurt in the writing of this article, not even mentally.

Pigs are at the centre of attention today, hence the previous paragraph and we hope nobody took offense. Snake signs would normally be under duress as they clash on these days, but owing to a combination with the annual Tiger qi to bring an element of wood, it is mostly self-curing. However, should they feel pressurised then wearing green or light blue colours would help them. Rabbits and Tiger have both support and creativity; Horses have wealth whilst women of this sign have romance too. Earth signs of Dragon, Goat, Dog and Ox also have wealth and these males have romance opportunities too. Metal signs of Monkey and Rooster have both power and less stress. Finally, Rats are lucky with money but may have to rethink certain projects.
Until tomorrow – enjoy today!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Hot Dog?

As the word hot is associated with fire, it is a rough allusion to today’s Fire Dog sign. Starting of with a feeble attempt at humour should tell you that today is not a great day. That said, it is a time of interacting with nature and providing for our families by capturing animals, preparing nets and fishing. In modern day parlance, it is probably a good day for the weekly shop.

Today’s astrology is good for Tiger, Horse and Dog signs. In fact as the Tiger is the annual sign you only need a Horse in your chart to perhaps get a great boost from the fire element. This could bring wealth, affect relationships romantically or otherwise, inspire you creatively or bring power and recognition. Owing to a different combination, Rabbits are also affected by fire today. Discover how fire affects your horoscope with our attribute cycle.

Dragons may be stressed, while Rats, and Monkeys could be tested by wealth and power. Pigs Rabbits and Tigers have money luck, Snakes are less tense and more relaxed, Goats see plans develop, Roosters can sing all day but Ox’s may have to rethink their plans.
Thats it for day and until tomorrow – enjoy today.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Spring chicken?

As the wood element is associated with Spring and Rooster is a male chicken therefore I have renamed this Wood Rooster day as above. Other alternatives, were sweet & sour chicken as that is the wood taste, or even Gallus Bladder as Gallus gallus is the Latin name for chicken and Gall Bladder is the organ associated with Yin Wood. There you go biology in all its forms, nothing if not educational!

Today is a much better day than yesterday and you can add opening a business, debt collecting, refurbishing kitchen, laying foundations, positioning a door or barbecue, ordering a horoscope or setting up a grave in addition to those things you could do yesterday. BTW as yesterday was a glimpse of the month ahead - how was that for you?

Astrology wise today the Rooster will be at the centre of attention. It is also good for the associated signs of Snake and Ox, who have wealth and creativity respectively. The former also has romance. Rabbit signs may be under stress and would benefit from the water element, but share power opportunities with Tigers. Similarly, the earth sign of Goat, Dog and Dragon should be creative the latter especially so, whereas Pig and Rat signs can be vibrant.
Until tomorrow – enjoy today!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Wood Monkey – a taste of the future?

According to the Chinese almanac today is only good to ask ancestors for guidance and sweep house. However, as this energy is the same as the period beginning on the 8th it offers a glimpse of the Monkey month ahead. Therefore, if you have a good day today, the next month should be good too.

The problem is that the Wood Monkey is the antithesis of our annual qi, namely Metal Tiger and August is known as the “year break”. Generally, it is not a good month for making major decisions but if you proverbially “tidy your house” at this time, it should prepare you for what should be a better second half of the year.

Normally Tigers would clash on a Monkey day but helped by the annual qi it should not be too bad, Monkeys are at the centre of attention and can make new friends, whilst setbacks may await the other metal sign of Rooster. Rat and Pig signs are full of energy and new ideas, Rabbits gain power and recognition. Snake and Horse signs have money luck, and Dragon, Goat, Dog and Ox can be less stressed and may travel.
Until tomorrow – enjoy today!