Wednesday, 29 June 2011

"To Hunt Two Hares"

Today’s title refers to a person trying to complete two tasks at the same time, but succeeding in neither. I chose it because it sums up the effect of a Wood Rabbit day in a Metal Rabbit year where two opposing forces meet in a clash. As expected, the Chinese almanac advices caution, suggesting quiet meditation and fixing nets which we can translate as preparation, perhaps for a better day tomorrow.

We wouldn’t advise it but if you really want to hunt two rabbits and fail miserably, try planting seeds, digging or opening a water course. Such was the case at the crack of dawn this morning when a crew from our local water company clashed with the neighbours by planting their pneumatic drills in the ground, digging down and then installing water meters!

To see what today has in store for your horoscope, see our Wood Rabbit page at the new feng shui that works website. Or take a free Chinese horoscope and then take a look.

Until tomorrow – enjoy now!

Finn & Slim Shooey

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Can’t see the Tiger for the trees?

Today is a Wood Tiger. The heavenly stem, the part that comes first, is the same as today’s animal sign and to the untrained eye, you might have trouble telling them apart.

As the month sign of Horse is a pal of the Tiger, it must be a good day, especially for partnerships. This is confirmed by the Chinese almanac that lists among its recommended activities attending a class or taking a course, visiting friends, having a haircut, travelling, getting engaged, buying or making clothes, seeing a doctor or choosing a treatment, opening a business and trading, refurbishing a home or office, moving earth, putting a new roof on a home, making wine and fermenting, hunting or setting up a tombstone.

To see how today affects your Chinese animal sign, see our Wood Tiger web page.

Until tomorrow – enjoy now!

Finn & Slim Shooey

Monday, 27 June 2011

Danger - cash cow on the rooftop

Today’s Water Ox falls on a Danger day in the Twelve House system and “Rooftop” in the Twenty Eight Lunar Mansion system. Neither makes it a particularly auspicious day. As to the cash cow, the water element represents finances in general and cow is another name for Ox. That’s how we derived todays title, but what does it all mean?

“Danger” relates to a day fraught with problems and an ever present danger of accidents at work, so is best suited to leisure. The ancient text says it is advisable to be joyful and drink wine responsibly.

Days ruled by the “Rooftop” are also fraught with danger, particularly for those on the move; those on land are said to be attacked, whilst ships may run aground or capsize. It’s best to stay in one place and make house refurbishments, especially to the roof.

The Chinese almanac recommends meditation, refurbishing a home or office, moving earth, putting a new roof on a home, filling cracks in walls, fixing nets and having a barbecue as suitable activities. It advises against dealing with legal matters or buying clothes.

If Water Ox is in your horoscope, your body controls your mind and you may store up all your emotions. Find out with our Free Chinese horoscope. However, this year is different, as your most successful element is present as the annual qi of Yin Metal Rabbit. Since May you have been able to get things off your chest and express yourself effortlessly. A gracious manner and creative flair attracts friends, and loved ones share in your uncanny knack to become prosperous. Famous celebrities include Akon, Peter André, Desi Arnaz Jr, Anita Bake, Tyra Banks, Kate Beckinsale, Pat Benatar, David Blaine, Adrien Brody, Stephen Dorff, Cuba Gooding Jr.Jools Holland, Heidi Klum, LL Cool J, Sean Paul and Sebastian Vettel.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Chicken and egg situation - level pegging at Little Dipper

As yesterday’s Sheng Cycle birth elements can also be applied to today’s Earth Rooster, is this a case of a Chicken and egg situation? The Chinese almanac contains information on today’s natural energies and suggests suitable activities to bring results, this is what makes it so popular among those who know of its great knowledge. Perhaps, this is the true meaning of going with the flow?

Every working day; time permitting, we translate this book from Chinese and suggest what to do, today it is only to sweep house and tidy up affairs. As it has been sometime since we last published our mission statements we are following this advice and remedying this now. These daily suggestions will allow you to “clean up” meaning gaining success by doing the right thing at the right time. Obviously you have full choice of whatever you do, we are just telling you which activities can be most successful today.

Perhaps you know someone that would be interested in having this information, which covers personal health and beauty, business opening and relationship development, home decoration and refurbishment, best time to marry or get engaged and so much more. Just subscribe to this blog, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

The Chinese almanac recommendations are based on many factors including the Twenty Eight Lunar mansions and the Twelve houses. The former - Dou is auspicious and relates to the Little Dipper the latter is called “Even* or “ level” and is less so. In fact it actually cancels out the good of the first one. Hence sweeping up is cool!

It’s a much better day tomorrow so tell your friends not to miss us.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Make a Monkey out of a basket for new beginnings

In the Sheng cycle of five elements, the earth element is said to give birth to metal, so no prizes for how we derived the first part of our title on this Earth Monkey (metal) day.

As birth is a new beginning the Chinese almanac follows this trend and recommends travelling or emigrating, getting married, opening a business, refurbishment or laying foundations or a new you, either physically through a new hair style or mentally by meditation or quiet reflection.

Finally the second part of our title comes from the Winnowing Basket, number seven of the twenty eight Lunar Mansions. Guess what? Days ruled by the Basket are ideal for starting new ventures. New endeavours started today will enjoy a year of good fortune; business will thrive and profits will be handsome. It is also a good day to acquire new property or to open a new door. In present-day terms, this indicates a fortunate day to move into new property, add an extension or perhaps to enrol in a new organisation that could involve moving into new buildings, as those who do so can be sure of rewards for themselves and their families.

Until tomorrow – enjoy today!

Finn & Slim Shooey

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Heavens embrace at summer solstice

At 17:16 or 5:16 pm today (whichever comes first) the Sun reaches its highest position in the sky marking the summer solstice, providing maximum daylight and the height of nature in the northern hemisphere.

As fate would have it, it’s a Fire Sheep day, where the fire also indicates maximum growth and the Sheep combines with the Horse sign for June, in a combination known as “heavens embrace”, providing even more fire. Fire can indicate religion and the occult as well as arts and action and record crowds attended midsummer celebrations at Stonehenge UK this morning.

The Summer solstice marks the maximum point of yang or potential and the creation of yin or manifest which develops through the yin cycle. Therefore the Chinese almanac suggests quiet contemplation or meditation as well as tidying up affairs to prepare us for this next six months of the year.

Until the yin cycle – enjoy now